Sock needle review

Whether you're pondering knitting socks, new to knitting socks, or an experienced sock knitter, you know there are many needle options. Personally, I love double point needles. I love the rhythm of moving from needle to needle. I've tried magic loop and two circulars - cords and chaos overwhelm me.

A caught a glimpse of additional needle options and I was intrigued. While doing some test knitting with some fabulous Huasco Sock from Araucania (a generous 433 yard hank!), I did some needle testing too.

First up, Flexi-flips from Addi. These next-generation DPNs have a short piece of cable in the middle of the ~ 8" needles. Addi made a genius move and put their traditional blunt tip on one end and their newer pointy tip on the other end. Whatever your preference, this set has you covered.

These needles perform similar to magic loop or using two circulars - you put half of the stitches on each of the two working needles and use the third to knit. It is also similar to working DPNs but with fewer needle changes. Effective, reliable, and that pointy fast Addi tip - what's not to love? I made steady progress!

Then I hit a snag. Since I am a four needle sock knitter, I didn't know how to handle the heel with only three needles. So I employed my tried-and-true DPN knitting technique with another new needle. These snazzy Karbonz from Knitter's Pride are solid DPN performers: pointy quick tips with a no-slip middle. I love that the black carbon section has enough grab to not leave you with needle-less stitches.

By the way, I'm loving the way the colors flow down these socks! I am really enjoying this sock yarn.

After turning the heel and decreasing the gusset, I was ready to speed down the foot straight away. I had a new tool to employ - a 8" Addi turbo circular.

This zippy little number makes knitting in the round a downhill slalom! The tips are short so holding on is with fingers only; no palm or heel of the hand involvement. I'm typically a thrower, but when holding these tips, I found knitting continental much easier and faster. I was picking my way to the toe in no time.

Down at the toe, I returned to my faithful DPNs and the reliable Kitchener stitch. Ta da!

On to sock #2! Although I enjoyed trying the new techniques, I'm back to my DPNs. Old habits, they say. I did love trying the new equipment and will be giving each of the new pieces another turn soon. I'm eager to hear what sock tools you prefer!

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