Our first book review!

We just received copies of a new book, Knit and Nibble. It starts with a section on "Knititation" (like "meditation") outlining the physical and mental benefits of knitting as a mindfulness practice. We know and love these benefits:

This book is written by a guy for guys, but there is information in here for every knitter. It is a comprehensive beginner knitting book, but knitters of all levels will learn something and enjoy his straightforward patterns.

He starts at the beginning with some info I've not seen in most knitting guides - how to measure yourself for a sweater and the importance of dye lots! He then goes into many elements of yarn - weight, fibers, and how to read a ball band. He talks about needles - types and material - then describes an extensive "Other Equipment" list down to the obvious, yet often elusive, notebook and pencil. A few "Knitting Tips and Tricks" (pretty good ones) then you're off to knitting!

There are knitting instructions and lots of guidance on stitches - always a challenge for new knitters.

Patterns start where almost all knitters start - a garter stitch project, in this case a cleaning cloth. The projects develop to include purling rib stitches and advancing from kitchen accessories to sweaters.

Then more fun! He has a few games which, of course, include yarn, then an extensive library of sweets and treats also including some common sense baking tips.

The book is published by Sirdar, a historic UK yarn company. They promote Sirdar supplies (we stock them) throughout the book, but the overall information is worth the pitch.

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