Check out our newest event!

Here is your chance to raise your craft to the next level.  In the Knitting Academy, we will cover a topics that will improve and enrich your knitting.  As an added bonus, at the end of each session all attendees of the class will be entered into a prize drawing that you can take home with you that day.  

Your Academy professor is Jenna.  With more than 30 years knitting experience she loves to encourage others to be creative with fiber.  Her goal is to release more fearless knitters into the world.  

To register, contact the Knitting B at (804) 484-6005 or email us at

*Dates of this class subject to change.  No class in November and December.  


The class topics are as follows:

August:  Project Selection.  What comes first, the pattern or the yarn?  In this class we will cover a variety of topics, some of which include finding inspiration, boosting creativity and become a fearless knitter!

September: Cast Ons.  There are so many options for casting on.  Learn a number of different types, why and when to use them. Start every project off right.  

October: Bind Offs.  Just like cast ons, there are so many different ways to bind off, and which one you use will have a significant impact on your finished project.  

January: Decreasing/Increasing.  Learn or improve your skills.  Decreasing and increasing may seem scary, but it is the gateway to making more exciting projects.  How you execute your stitches will also enhance the overall look of your knitted item.  

February: Tips & Tricks.  Jenna spends lots (and lots) of time thinking about ways to make things easier and better.  In this session she will share her hard earned knowledge with you.  At the end you should be more confident and produce a more polished project, as simply as possible.  

March: Bigger Projects.  There is more to knitting than scarves and shawls.  Let’s tackle more challenging projects and techniques.  

April: Ravelry.  Hopefully you have already heard of and have used Ravelry.  In this class we will cover why it is so wonderful and how you can make the most of this amazing tool.

May: Short Rows.  Short rows can create really dynamic results, not just in design but also in fit.  There are a number of different versions.  In this class we will cover the different types and when best to apply them.  

June: Knitting in the Round/Magic Loop.  Whether you knit socks or hats or anything in between, you could probably benefit from knitting in the round and/or using magic loop.  Wouldn’t you like to knit both socks at the same time, or both sleeves?  

July: Chart Reading/Cables.  In this class you will learn some new techniques, we will also cover topics like reading stitches and quick fixes.


August: Blocking and Students choice.  In this class we will cover the best blocking techniques.  This, being the last in the Knitting Academy series, will be your opportunity to bring any and all questions to be answered in class.  

Did you know?  

The Thursday Sit & Knit is back

6 p.m. - 8 p.m.

Every Sunday, during shop hours of 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. 
we often have an informal Sit and Knit.  Feel free to join this group as well.